As a keen gardener and landscaper maintaining our 2 x 10 acre Pet Resorts I know the importance and value of keeping the soil healthy, nutritious and moist.

Applying a mushroom compost definitely makes a huge difference and my award winning gardens are testament the benefits and effect that applying Compost Direct's quality mushroom compost has. 

Glenn Elin
Director Animal World Pet Resorts 

"Our compost arrived today and has exceeded our expectations! It looks, smells and feels fantastic quality - thanks for providing us with such a fabulous product."
Thank You, Lisa.

A field of carrots grown with our Mushroom Compost.

We are the largest suppliers of Mushroom Compost  in South East Qld and some of our biggest customers are farmers that supply Woolworths and Coles with their products grown using our Mushroom Compost.

The compost is loaded into specially designed growing sheds and after the Mushrooms have finished cropping and being picked, the sheds are steamed out at 65 degree's celsius to remove any pathogens. The compost is pulled from the racks with a conveyor belt that loads our trucks which take the compost to our large customers (landscape yards & farmers) and to our depot's to supply our retail customers.

We pride ourselves on running a professional business and understand that our customers are an integral part of that  business. We have been operating since August, 2008.